Gwen #1

Gwen was my teacher. She gave me a new life. She took my longing for a life of the spirit and made it real. She gave me lessons, and shifted my perspective. I believe she changed my very dna.

I now have the chance to pass on to the world a way of being in the world with the openest of hearts. Open to everything – all joys, all sorrows. We cry tears for the angels, she said, because they aren’t able to. Each piece of our life has profound meaning, yet that which is most precious to us can be tossed out in an instant and leave us the better for it.  Whatever you think or feel, accept it, cherish it, and then turn it on its head, spin it ‘round 180, and accept that too.

Richard Miller in iRest Meditation presents an exercise of feeling a feeling, then feeling its opposite, and eventually feeling them both at the same time.  It is Buddhism, and it is pure Gwen.  Don’t resist anything. Or, as Gwen said, resistance is just a message that the time is not yet right.  Everything is a message, and if we can get our insides untwisted enough from all the hurts of the past and fears of the future, we can receive the messages in present time.

I look forward to sharing the lessons of Gwen, as best I can. I have many, many pages of notes. I hope they will translate into some sort of wisdom, and hope I can present them in a way that spreads joy.  Joy is what I need, so joy will be my goal.  Blessings on our journey. Ho.