About Layla

I have been on a path of spiritual growth since my early 20’s in the 1970s.

I have studied the wisdom of many traditions, including Wicca, Native American teachings, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and others.

I believe deeply that each person has her/his own truth.  We can’t know what beliefs or teachings will best nourish and guide someone – we can only help them find that out for themselves.

I honor and respect the personhood and spirit of all people.

You can read more about my spiritual journey here.

This is a picture of my ordination by Reverend Daniel Chesboro, of The Sanctuary of the Beloved.

Ordination crop 2

This is Maharajji, my spiritual teacher.


This is Gwendolyn Jansma, my spiritual mentor.


Reverend Layla Ananda
Ann Arbor, Michigan