About Layla

Hi – thanks for visiting my website!  I have spent my life trying to help the world be a better place in whatever ways I can.  I’ve enjoyed working for nonprofits, especially cooperatives; working with people’s personal growth as a psychotherapist; presenting many, many workshops for a number of organizations and my own businesses; teaching at our local community college; and singing, on my own and with wonderful groups.  I continue to learn about the systems of inequality that run rampant in the US and the world, and to do what I can to make change.

I have enjoyed a 4-pronged career – educator/consultant, psychotherapist, nonprofit manager, and musician.  In recent years, I have added webmaster and Zoom consultant to the list.

My skills include: 

  • Experienced educator/trainer/consultant; developed and presented numerous classes and workshops as college faculty and independent consultant.
  • Extensive interpersonal skills as manager, facilitator and psychotherapist; experienced with diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Skilled in leadership, project planning and execution, staff supervision, fundraising, finance and grant management.
  • Spiritual leader of ceremonies, including weddings, funerals, coming-of-age, baby blessings, solstices, equinoxes and more.
  • Creator of music programs and concerts, and workshops about musical topics, produced three music albums, teacher of voice and guitar.

You can find my resume here.

I have also been on a path of spiritual growth since my early 20’s, studying the wisdom of many traditions, including Wicca, Native American teachings, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and others. I believe deeply that each person has her/his own truth, and I honor and respect the personhood and spirit of all people.

This is a picture of my ordination by Reverend Daniel Chesboro, The Sanctuary of the Beloved.

Ordination crop 2

This is Maharajji, my spiritual teacher.


This is Gwendolyn Jansma, my spiritual mentor.


Layla Ananda Ann Arbor, Michigan layla_ananda@hotmail.com

Layla Ananda