Workshops and Presentations

Layla has developed and presented workshops on a variety of topics, including diversity, business, meditation and music.  See a list below.


There are so many divisions between and among people; it is easy to get frustrated, annoyed or angry at people with whom we disagree.  Also, many of us have been taught to think of prejudice or discrimination as the problem of the people who are affected, but that is not the case.  

The reality is that we are all impacted – by hatred, mistrust, and other forms of thinking, feeling and acting that dishonor and harm people, and our planet.  And it’s not just individuals, or even groups – we are all part of systems that treat people unfairly and sometimes cruelly.  Co-liberation is a word that expresses the reality that everyone is harmed by racism, homophobia and other forms of oppression – though some are clearly harmed much more than others – and that we all have the responsibility to work for equality. 

Layla presents workshops and consulting on peaceful communication, bystander intervention, and anti-racism, through Deep Peace Consulting, Co-Liberation Facilitators, and Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice. Please contact Layla for more information, or to schedule a workshop.

The Many Methods of Meditation

You may think that meditation would be good for you, but perhaps you don’t know how to start, or don’t think you can do it.  Or, you may have tried a particular method that didn’t work or you didn’t like. This class will show you that there are many ways to meditate, and that you can pick the one that fits best for you.  Meditation can be long or short, still or using movement, quiet or using sound.  It can be practical – for health and well-being – or spiritual, or both.  This class will provide some history of the practice of meditation, and will give participants the chance to try several different meditation methods, to see which one(s) feel right for them.  No previous experience with meditation is necessary.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Bystander Intervention
How to Talk to People You Disagree With (CLARA)
Interaction Skills
Race and Ethnicity

Active Listening
Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities
Business Finances
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Cooperative Businesses
Customer Relations
Employee Relations
Facilitation Skills
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Group Process
Management Skills and Issues
Problem Solving
Staff Evaluation
Strategic Planning


Guitar, vocal, and general music classes and private lessons
Music and Healing
Music as a Therapeutic Tool in Psychotherapy
Music as a Therapeutic Tool in Substance Abuse Therapy
Music as A Tool in Foster Parenting
Parents and Children Teaching Each Other
Role of Music in Child Development


Staff Retreats
Substance Abuse Information and Prevention
Training for Trainers