Wisdom Teachers

A practical teacher shows you how to do things:

Read, write, make structures, cars and cake, make love and peace.

We need practical teachers to live in the world.


A Wisdom Teacher opens you to the immense awareness you already possess;

Expands your consciousness until you know no limits;

Awakens you to your deep understanding that there is nothing to fear;

Connects you to your psychic senses of mystical seeing, hearing, and knowing;

So that you commune with your guides, and receive Akashic insight,

And realize you are one with the wisdom of the universe.


Seek practical teachers for your worldly needs,

And seek Wisdom Teachers – there are many –

So you can sit in love and beauty

All day and all night long.

Ask your consciousness to merge

With the consciousness of the wisest, most expanded beings.

Now you are home.



Layla Ananda