My Spiritual Journey

I am convinced that each person can find the teachings that will best guide them on their path, whether in one tradition or many.  I believe this is a lifelong quest, and that we are best served by practicing love, kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others every day.

My coaching practice, workshops, ceremonies and music are based on my journey through psychology and my study of many spiritual beliefs and practices.

I am Jewish by ancestry and heritage. I attended synagogue through my childhood, had my Bat Mitzvah at age 13, taught Sunday school and learned Hebrew. I began my deep appreciation of forms, rituals, songs and prayers from this ancient and beautiful religion.

I began learning about Wicca and Goddess rituals in my college years in the 1970s. Through classes, consciousness-raising and other women’s groups, and reading wonderful books, I began to learn that I could see myself in the images of the Goddess. In the mid-1980s I became a member of a small group that has celebrated full moons, new moons, solstices and equinoxes for many years. I have learned so much from honoring the changing of the seasons and from creating and leading rituals and ceremonies in yet another ancient religion.

In the early 1980s, I trained as a psychotherapist and received my master’s degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology. I have worked as a therapist in many settings with adults, children, families and groups. My interest in all things spiritual helped my clients pursue their own spiritual growth.

Also in the early ’80s, I felt I needed to find a spiritual teacher. This was a deeply intuitive process, as I sought the being that would touch my heart most deeply. I learned about Jesus, Muktananda, Yogananda, Meher Baba and many others. I learned meditation and chanted at the Siddha Yoga ashram, and was initiated at South Fallsburg. My search ended – though not my learning! – when a friend in graduate school gave me a tape of a talk by Ram Dass, and I first heard about Maharajji – Neem Karoli Baba. He teaches people from any and all traditions to “love everyone, serve everyone, feed everyone.” He has guided me (from the other side – he left his body in 1973, before I met him) to trust that there is meaning to each moment in my life, and that I can use my life to serve Spirit.

In the mid-1980s, I met my dear friend Ariana, who introduced me to the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Path. I studied from tapes and materials that Ari shared with me, and feel so honored to have the beginnings of an understanding of the beauty and complexity of Native American teachings. The energies of the eight directions, plus above, below and center, contain more wisdom than I learned in all my years in school. I was also privileged for several years to study with Amylee, an Iriquois teacher from Ohio. I spent several years going to monthly Moon Lodges (women’s sweat lodges) and Naturals sweat lodges. I am so grateful for the many lessons I have received, and continue to receive, from this work.

In the early 1990s, I completed three years of weekly clairvoyant training, taught by Jo Pamment of Okemos, Michigan. This work gave me the opportunity to clean out many old issues and traumas through meditation, grounding, chakra cleansing, one-cell healing and many more techniques. This work made space for me to begin to hear my intuitive guidance more clearly.

In 1993, I was invited by a friend to attend a workshop in Detroit. That was the first time I met Gwendolyn Jansma, and I was blown away. I saw Gwen do in an hour what other therapists did in a year. Gwen’s entirely open, loving heart could find the beauty in each person. She and her guides bring people into alignment with their higher selves in loving, extraordinary ways. Her work is called “Awakening to Higher Energies”, and awaken I did. I owe so much of my spiritual growth to Gwen’s loving guidance. I worked with her for nearly twenty years until her death in 2013, and I continue to work with her still from the other side.

I continue to learn, from books, cds, workshops, meditation and ceremonies, as well as from the unseen divine guidance I have learned to count on and trust. I try to live in awareness of my blessed state every day.  I trust that I am moving toward inner peace, one step at a time.  All roads lead us home.